Friday, May 6, 2011

Here Comes the Next Adventure

Friday, 29 April, our next adventure in home ownership became official.  After much reluctance, we downsized to a cute little house in the country with a couple of acres for the kitties to explore without intruding on the neighbors.  Surely there will be plenty on their own property to keep them entertained.

There are plenty of projects that are apparent, mostly clean-up of the yard, a pressure washing of the house, and the removal of the stains on the north side roof which a little roof cleaner should work wonders on.  If you've never used it, the stuff is great as I found out when experimenting on a house several years ago.  Made the roof look like it had just been installed and it was way more discolored than this one.

There is a pond on the property that is fed by the runoff from the drainage ditch from the road.  While it would be much nicer if it were spring-fed, run-off is the reality.  I'm kind of fascinated by it as we had a pond when I was growing up and maybe someday I'll get around to telling some stories about it and our life at that house.  It was interesting to say the least.  Anyway, this is my favorite view of the pond as you kind of peek through the trees to see it.  While on the lookout for snakes, I discovered that there are two large turtles and at least one baby that live in there.  They sun themselves on a fallen tree that extends into the water.  no snakes so far, but I think there are indeed fish in there as well.  I was watching the water near dusk and it was feeding time I guess as the surface was disturbed quite often by something coming up to get a snack that was floating on top.  I'd like to make a small floating dock that would hold a couple of chairs so the cats and I can hang out near the water.  I'm thinking it would be an excellent place to take a glass of tea and a good book on a sunny day.

We had a storm two days after closing (what's up with that???  The same thing happened when we bought the house that just sold!)  It must have happened about a half hour after I left the place for the day, but when I came back the next morning, I noticed immediately that the road didn't look the same-something about trees down all over the place, on top of vehicles, houses, parts of structures where they didn't belong-I think they call it a tornado.  I was afraid what I'd find when I got to the house, but miraculously, nothing seemed to be amiss.  Later on in the day, I did notice that one of the trees in the clearing was tilted.  I wondered if it had always been that way and I never noticed or if it was on its way to tipping over.  We had a pretty hard rain in the middle of the night-no damaging wind-earlier this week and I woke up thinking 'the weight of the rain on the leaves of the tilting tree are going to make it top-heavy and it's going to fall over.  

 When I went out the next day, the first thing I investigated was whether the tree was still standing.  It was not.  I hated to lose that tree, but check out the shape of it on the ground.  The cats are going to love it!  I think I'll clean up the branches, but may leave the larger sections for a playground for them.  One of the things that we want to do with this property is to leave some of the undergrowth along since the cats love to explore, hide, and nap in there.  An unkept lawn isn't something we thought was appropriate in town, but out here, it's expected.  I see visions in my head about things I want to do outside here.  It has the potential to be fab!

This is the view from the yard proper across what may have been a pasture many years ago, then down to the pond.  It's a lovely view of rolling lawn, but the fence breaks up the beauty of it.  Donnie's been prepping the fence for removal so someday, this will all be an unobstructed open area from the house to the pond.  The view is going to be very peaceful.  See the willow oak down by the water's edge?  Just to the right of that is where I might like the floating dock, a couple of Adirondack chairs, a loaf of bread to feed the fish, a gentle breeze and a book with pages (I usually do audio books, but I miss the feel and smell of a physical book).  Can ya see it?

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