Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Beginnings

Everyone wants to know where we're going when we leave here, this is it.  We're in the process of the meticulous paperwork that needs to be done before closing.  We spent a couple of days last week working on the curb appeal and doing a little clean up of the grounds.  The seller is almost 90 years old and could use a little help. 

It's a cute little place on a side road just inside the country.  There are 3 acres for the cats to play on and a pond that apparently has fish in it.  The neighbors are almost all known to Donnie's family and keep their properties well maintenanced.  So far, 5 of the cats have accompanied me on a field trip and have decided the back porch is the cat's meow.  You wouldn't believe the breezes that seem to always be blowing.  It's wonderful!  I sense a lot of slacking off in the near future.

There's plenty to do to get it like we want it as there are limbs and yard clean-up projects pretty much everywhere.  I think we're decided that we'll wait a year before doing anything major to the house itself so we can get an idea what direction we want to go.  There are some things inside that need an update, but maintenance-wise, there are no emergencies.

We think we're going to like it a lot and so will the cats.  We're shooting for a closing at the end of this month although the first available date for the contents auction isn't until the middle of May.  We can still work on cleaning up the kitchen and bath so that it is comfortable to use it and start transitioning cats.  After the auction, I guess we'll move furniture once there's space to put it.  After the furniture is out of our house, then it will be time to clean this place and de-fur so it's ready for the Fosters when they arrive.  It's a plan.  Whether it works out or not is another matter!

So, here are a few pics that I took the other day while I was working out there.  It's looking better already.  Tomorrow, I think I'll work on organizing the carport.

The view from the front yard.

The pond in need on a little clean up.  I think they made this mess a couple of years ago when they ran power lines straight through the middle and pushed over a bunch of trees .  Nice.  That's another day's project.