Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Tom & Janet Foster!

We met Tom and Janet in early February when they made a 12 hour journey to put an eyeball on Pecan Place.  I was working that day, but Donnie was home to answer any questions.  Our agent had to leave for another appointment which gave her a good excuse to leave Donnie, Tom, and Janet alone to talk about the house.  While this isn't typically done in the real estate process, real old house lovers are just special that way.  It isn't just a house, it's a special experience and all the knowledge and stories that can be gained by the present caretakers make it even more special.

When I got home from work, Tom and Janet were still visiting after an hour and a half...a good sign I hoped.  Five hours later,  after we all talked, exchanged experiences, and got to know each other, they left to make their way on to the their next stop-a Valentine's vacation.

Two days later on Valentine's Day, I got a call from Tom and we discussed a few more things about the house and some of the furniture we won't have room for at the next place.  I put together the information he requested, and he and our agent, Barbara Hopkins-who is excellent, by the way, negotiated the whole transaction with little involvement from us.  Now about Barbara, she knew what we needed to get our of the sale and had it all worked out with Tom and Janet.  By the end of the day, we had an agreement in which every one wins-my favorite outcome!  So on Valentine's Day, Tom and Janet gave a unique and wonderful gift to each other.  Now, how cool is that?

During our conversations,  we it became apparent that these were not ordinary people.  There was something special about them and at the end of the six and a half hour initial showing, we knew that we had entertained angels.  I can't say what it was that they did, but can only say that it wasn't so much words that they said or any religious conversations, but it was something unseen, below the surface that made meeting them worth the experience-even if they chose not to buy the house.  It was an amazing experience that we will never forget.

When they came back through town to sign the contract in person, they stayed with us for a few days.  The time they spent with us confirmed that angels posing as regular people truly do walk among us.  They say God moves in mysterious ways and I'm adding this to my my list of undeniable proof.

Since then, were once again we spent a few days with the Fosters when they came up for the closing.  The first morning, Tom, having been the owner of a B&B before moving south, made us all his B&B breakfast.  Man!  That guy can cook!  If he chooses someday to open a B&B again, I know where I'm coming for breakfast.

After the closing, we all went to breakfast at The Old Country Store and toured the Casey Jones Village before spending the rest day antiquing.  We had a wonderful and exhausting time.  For the first two nights, they spent the night at our house.  For the last night they were here, we spent the night at theirs.  Kinda cool really.

We'll be around for a few months since they aren't ready to move and neither are we.  We're working on getting things in order for our next place which won't be available for at least a month, so it all works out well.

Now, it's time to meet Tom & Janet Foster-the angels that have taken up the challenge of making Pecan Place their new home.  I think they'll fit right in.  Don't you?