Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pecan Place Is For Sale???

After much consideration, we have put the fabulous Pecan Place on the market.  While our stay here has been relatively short, we have decided to downsize and seek something with a bit more outdoor space.  We will remain in the area, as Donnie's family is close by, but in the meantime, Pecan Place is looking for her next caretaker and one that will continue to care for her so she will remain front and center for generations to come.  Pass the word along if you know of someone who might be interested in this beauty. 

Here is the listing information from

These are some of the listing photos:


  1. What a wonderful Victorian Home. So sad you are gona sale, but I do understand. Thanks for your blog about it. I have a blog about my old house you may like. Please drop by and see me. Richard at

  2. I drive through downtown Trenton when I go visit my parents in Dyer JUST to see this house :) The interior is even more beautiful than I imagined! I wish I had the money to buy's definitely a dream of mine to live in a home with so much character and history.