Friday, June 18, 2010

The Park at International Place Towers

Recently, I had the opportunity to work a contract located in the International Place Towers in Memphis which had the most delightful park in the space between the three towers.  The first time I saw it, everything was in bloom and it was spectacular!  Once the onset of spring had passed the overall look became more wild like something you might see in the woods with tall trees and an undergrowth of smaller trees and bushes.  Upon further investigation, you could see that all of the undergrowth was actually comprised of flowering bushes and trees or trees with colorful foliage and that none of it was accidental undergrowth that comes with neglect or self-population.  Whoever the architect was, he (or she) did a fabulous job.  Not only is it beautiful, interesting, constantly changing with alluring views, it's also human friendly with walkways between the buildings, seating areas, and the constant sound of peaceful waterfalls that beckon you into it's shady delights.

So, with that, I'll share some pictures!

This is the view from the back door of the building where I was working. 

Beyond the front entrance is one of the busiest streets in east Memphis but from the serenity of the park, you never even know notice there's a road out there.

Here's an overhead view of the area.  It's not really that big but it seems to go on forever.  To put things in perspective, all that concrete behind the building is the parking lot.  It's amazing that such a treasure could be packed into such a small area and be in the middle of the busy city.  Needless to say, I enjoyed my breaks.

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