Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where There's One...

Not long after our friends left, they returned home to discover "The Gift" had relatives-8 of them in fact, 7 siblings and a wildish mama all trying to find a new home under the shelter of the central HVAC unit.  We were able to collect up all the babies fairly quickly with the exception of one fluffy gray who held out for most of the afternoon. 

We even got Mama collected up with the assistance of a can of tuna set inside the cage.  She doesn't care for us and won't let us come too close, but is more than willing to take a little tuna off our hands.

So, at the moment, all 8 kittens and Mama are upstairs in my sewing room/TV room/old office until they get a little older. The objective is to keep Mama contained until she can be spayed as this is her 4th litter of kittens in 2 years all of which fell victim to the packs of dogs that run loose in town. We want these kittens to survive long enough to have a more positive fate and plenty of love and fussing over and for Mama to be able to do something with her life besides reproduce. Poor ole girl. I'd bet she'd love to become a lap cat someday! Right now she's not too happy.

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  1. You are so kind to take in these poor strays. It's so sad that the mother cat has had such a bad life and that her other litters had such a horrible fate. Maybe somehow she knows how lucky she now is, safe under your chair!