Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh My!

I finally got up the courage to order some samples of the Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper we have in mind for the front parlor and they arrived yesterday.  It was a fun surprise for Donnie since he didn't know I had ordered them so we had a little "play time" in the parlor last night trying to see if there was a clear answer as to which one we liked the best.  They are totally awesome!  The pictures on their website don't really give a good idea nor do the pictures I've taken as most of the patterns are well-embellished in metallics.  One unexpected treat was how they smell.  These are flat oil pigments-at least one of which smells like mint.  Kinda cool I thought.

Both patterns are Aesthetic Movement styles in the Herter Brothers tradition.  The long strip laid out on the floor is comprised of the frieze, wall fill, and dado.  The shorter strip is made of the individual patterns for the ceiling minus the accent pieces and corner blocks.

Aesthetic Green


I think we've decided on the "Passion Flower" pattern for this room, but may play with the "Tiger & Crane", the alternate wall fill, as the dado instead.  We both really like the Tiger & Crane a lot but this room seems like the Passion Flower probably suits it best.

Tiger & Crane

We didn't have any luck deciding which one we liked the best as they are both droolable and each renders a totally different ambience to the room.  In times like these, it's always nice to have to approach the whole thing from the perspective of something like science-not that even that is of much help as the green is wonderful with the furniture in the room and the color of the woodwork.  It will make a cooler, more neutral room than I had thought to go, but a stunning one none the less.  The red on the other hand is wonderful against the adjoiging rooms and the vibrant blue accents really accentuate the blue tiles of the fireplace.  It's a very rich colorway.  Then, there's the floor that should probably factor in to some degree since it will have quite a distinct pattern when it's finished. 

Decisions, decisions.  Good thing we have a lot of work to do before we can hang anything.  Surely, we will have reached some kind of conclusion by then!

Got a favorite?