Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vegetables-It's What's For Dinner

During the "learning to cook" escapades, we discovered that what we like for dinner is usually something simple and that soups, salads, baked potatoes, bread or crackers are kind of nice in the evenings.

So, tonight's dinner was just that-salad and baked potato.  The first time I made baked potatoes, I had to Google to find out what temperature and how long to cook them.  I'd only ever knew of them baked in aluminum foil, but when I Googled "How to bake a potato," the first entry was  Cool.  Everything I wanted to know except that her method was different so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I deviated a little.

Few things needed:
  1. Potatoes
  2. Oil-I like the garlic flavor of wok oil-there's probably a real cooking oil for this, but this happens to be what we have around the house.
  3. Salt
  4. Something to poke holes-which I have a little Pampered Chef poker thingy that I like for this.

Poke some holes all the way around the potato, slather in oil, shake on some salt

Shove 'em in the oven

Set the oven at 350

Let 'em bake until they skins are crispy-like and hour and a half or so.

Have a salad while ya wait.  Fresh salad in a bag, Roma tomatoes, onions, green olives, a little baked ham sent over from Donnie's parents, and some cottage cheese on the side and topped with Ranch dressing.

Donnie wants to know, "Are you gonna eat ALL that?"  Yep.

By then the potatoes are done.  Butter, sharp cheddar, sour cream are all that's in the house today, but I like green onions on mine if we've got them.  Neither of us have ever eaten the tire-tread skins before, but cooked this way, we both eat the skins because they're crispy like a thick potato chip, so they're not only tastier, but you also get those extra nutrients.

For dessert, hot dark chocolate with a plop of whipped cream and a couple of Toll House mint & dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

While this ain't diet food, it's probably still better for ya than McDonald's-or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves!  :)


  1. To heck with the potato, I want to see more of that stove! lol, j/k. We had friend potatoes last night. They were very yummy. That salad looked good. So did that dollup of sour cream!

  2. Hey, Christie - Yummy dinner! I ran across this article on Barber houses at the Old House Journal and thought you and Donnie might be interested in it and the link to the Q&A page.