Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Simple Home-My 1918 Bungalow

When I moved to Nashville from Murfreesboro I lived in an apartment for a few months and this house was on the road between the apartment and all of the places I needed to go.  It was a foreclosure and the first time I noticed it I thought, "Now, who is gonna buy that hellhole."  Well.  Turns out it was gonna be me.

It all started with a roll of film and a trip to Walgreens one-hour photo processing.  Of course I had to pass this place to get there and since I had some time to kill while I waited and being the nosy person that I am, I thought I'd just pull in and take a peek in the windows and see what kind of nightmare was waiting inside.  As I started toward the house, I noticed that someone had poured curbing around the flower beds and that there looked to be glass block between the brick foundation and the framed house.  That was kinda cool.

Once I made it across a rotted section of porch and peered into the front door, I was surprised to find that it was in much better condition than I thought it would be and looked like just what I had in mind for the perfect house.

There was a privacy fence with a gate across the driveway and I managed to push it open enough to squeeze through.  Wow!  It was like stepping out into the country!  The lot was way bigger than I expected and it had an old barn with 3 bays for parking.  Oh, the possibilities!  Of course it was all overgrown but there was something charming about all that and you really could imagine that there was no city at all outside the gate.  I could feel my heart pumping already!  Ok, so it needed some work, but all doable.  I decided this place could be a real cutie with some elbow grease and some panes of glass.  I was dying to go inside!

When I got home, I called around to find out about the place and couldn't get a good answer.  It was a HUD property and no one had any info on it, but it didn't appear to be for sale anymore.  What a letdown.  I went back to my boring apartment life.

About 2 weeks later, back to Walgreens I went.  There was a Realtor's sign in the yard!  I jotted down the number and went straight home and called.  The guy had just put out the sign about 20 minutes before and agreed to show it to me in 15 minutes.  I ran out the door to make the 2 minute drive.

Entry and Living Room
Not so bad; a little graffiti on the walls? I can fix that.  Chandelier missing, wires handing?  I can fix that too.

This room seemed ok except for the big "BP"  scratched into the mantle mirror.  Some cracks in the plaster, but nothing broken.  I found out later that someone ran into this room with a car, so I guess it held up pretty well considering.

Ok, so someone has stolen the back door-and who thought up this color scheme?  Where
are my sunglasses?

I wouldn't have gone this route with the color scheme, but just the kitchen I was looking for with enough room for a table and chairs.

Not so bad but that hollow core door's gotta GO!

Master Bath
Did they break out ALL the windows?

Hall Bath
Ok, I can deal with broken windows, but those cherubs gotta go-and quick!

Back Porch
Yeah, the cats will love this!

Time to go upstairs.....

Ok, so a few issues.

And more broken windows

And broken walls

Alrighty then.  Ya gotta love teen-angst gangs that have nothing better to do than express themselves on an empty house.  I heard they caught them and they all spent a little time in juvie.

Ok, so there's some work to do.  Let's go down in the BASEMENT!  It's got a BASEMENT!  There were 4 usable rooms down there including a laundry with an old concrete shower stall, a clawfoot tub on blocks, and a sloping slab with a drain in it that I always used to joke about it being where they bathed the corpses.  I never did find out what it was for.
This was originally the coal room.  The place had definitely been "uniquely personalized."

Laundry with corpse slab and tub on blocks.  Very interesting.  The shower is to the right of the tub.

Workroom with glass block window.

I loved the place, so over fajitas at the real Mexican place down the street, we wrote up my offer which was immediately accepted and in no time at all I was packing my crap for the second time in 6 months and moving a half mile down the road.  

Now what?

I'll save that for the next post. :)


  1. lol, the next post! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! :)

  2. okay, then. Just found you. I will be a loyal, life-time friend! I love old houses! Would love to renovate an old house . . . but can't/won't. So I will enjoy watching you.