Thursday, February 4, 2010

Callie & the Vacuum Cleaner

Callie is just too cute!  I was trying to clean the back porch/sunroom which serves as the cat room when it's really cold out, so it was time to de-fur the place.  Some cleaning just can't be rushed and Callie wasn't about to give up her spot on the well-worn scratch post (as you can see, all that's left of the scratching part is a shredded 2x4, but they love that thing!)  Callie is just hilarious.  All of the other cats are afraid of the vac, but not Callie.  She loves to play in the water and have baths too.  Go figure.


  1. Now Callie must be the bravest cat I have ever seen. I have had dogs who would need to be shoved out of the way to vacuum under them, but never one who let me suck its tail into the hose! Hilarious.

    I've also had dogs who ATE vacuums; you are better off with Callie!
    PS Love the paint colors on the porch!

  2. What a little sweetheart! Your Callie loves to be by your side, helping you clean. I enjoy reading your posts . . . keep them coming.

    Have a great weekend Christine.
    Mrs. D (Linda)

  3. giggle.. that was fun to watch.. thanks for sharing your adorable and fearless Callie with us..if only my poms would let me vacuum them...

  4. wow. The mantel is amazing, the details are so impressive, and I love the wine purple sofa mixed in with the blue scheme! You have quite a knack for mixing colors without making it look matchy-matchy.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog by the way! They're always encouraging. Is it too late to send you those pictures of the Queen for paint ideas? Sorry it's been so delayed...