Sunday, January 31, 2010

One More Fireplace!

I was tinkering around upstairs last week and went into the room we call "Tammy's Room" (because my friend Tammy stayed with us for several months when we first bought the place)-the friend responsible for helping me "free" the walled-over dining room door.  This bedroom was always freezing even with the central unit going.  Oh right-back to the point.  I noticed there was not only a set of gas logs just setting there in the opening not doing a thing (moved from somewhere else at some point and forgotten about), but there was also a capped gas line still in the room.  Well now, what's the point in that???

Next trip to ACE for more weather stripping and I picked up a gas line long enough to hook the thing up.  10 minutes later there was a working heat source in the room!  Before using it for any length of time, Donnie cleaned it and I pulled all of the old newspapers out of the flue.  Works great!  I turned it on when I was in that room earlier and it went from 43 degrees in there to the most comfortable room in the house in no time.  I'm so excited!

You know, I've kind of enjoyed being home all the time with nothing much to do but piddle around and leisurely work on those "one of these days" projects.  Of course at some point later, we'll work on making it look a little more attractive, but in the meantime, one little thing on the wish list has been accomplished and we have another bedroom that is comfortable enough to use.


  1. There must be a balcony because I see a door on the second floor! Looks like there's a lot of potential in this room. You and your husband are so handy!


  2. Pam, the balcony on this room is the one with the oval in the details that faces the front. It's nice on summer days 'cause that side of the house is on the north side and stays cool. Tammy always used it as her "smoking porch". In winter it's chillllly!