Friday, January 15, 2010

Ok, So I Lied!

I DO know how to make something!  I may not have a clue about how to cook, but I do know how to bake chocolate chip cookies!  My mom always made Nestle Toll House Cookies when we were kids and I never realized there were other kinds.  For me, there is no other kind 'cause these are the best.

So, tonight I made a batch with chocolate chips.  I love chip cookies and no matter what flavor of chips or what combination of flavors, I always use the Toll House recipe (that can be found on the back of the semi-sweet chocolate chips) and they're always awesome.  I made some butterscotch during the holidays and took some to the get together at Mom's and my sister in law came into the kitchen with a plate of desserts and yelled out "These are awesome! Who brought these?"  Well, there were probably eight hundred awesome desserts (yeah, we all bring 'em in our family), but it was the butterscotch chip cookies made with the Toll House recipe that she was raving about.  Who knew?

When I get in the mood to bake some, I usually take them in to work for the guys ('cause my field is mostly guys).  They always have the same response as Becki.  Once, I made several batches-regular semi-sweet chocolate chip, semi-sweet chocolate chip and peanut butter chip, white chocolate chip and almonds, butterscotch, and white chocolate and butterscotch, and took them in to work for the construction and electrical crews that were building the theatre where I worked.  Of course I picked up a couple of gallons of milk on the way in.  I think there were more than a few non-productive hours that morning from the guys sitting around eating cookies that they all said were the best they ever had.

Here's a tip.  If you need to make a few friends, bribe 'em with cookies.  :)  It always seems to work even if you don't need more friends!

So, here's some hot, fresh, chocolate chip cookies to drool about.  They ain't cute, but they sure are tasty!

Christie's secret ingredients:
  1. Parkay margarine-not whipped
  2. Real vanilla-not imitation
  3. Pampered Chef baking stone-makes nice, even warming. The bottom of the chips don't burn like they seem to with metal pans and they don't stick so hard to the stone.

Flour, sugar and eggs are usually something generic.  Nothing special, so it must be the 3 things above that make them different.  And that's the "secret" for what its worth.  Now ya know.  :)

Oh, and if you want them to stay soft, put a slice of bread in the cookie jar with them!


  1. MMmmm! I'll be right over! Where do you live again...? :-D

  2. Those cookies look great -- I always wooed boyfriends, then my kids' friends, with good chocolate (or other) chip cookies. I've added everything to them from chunks and other chips, to coconut and fine-ground oatmeal. It all is good; you cannot beat that Toll House recipe.

    And I'm so glad you stopped by That Old House...because that's how I found YOU, and I'm following along now --- a good old house saga is my favorite reading, having been veterans of city brownstone and country cottage renovations in the past, with more sweat equity than I care to remember.

    You are doing a great job!