Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fantastic GlasTile, Inc

Once upon a time, I decorated (and plumbed, and wired, and installed tile, and provided general handyman services) to make a living after being laid off from my real job due to a site closure.

One of my projects was to rework a master bath that I had hung a Monet "Waterlillies" wallpaper in several years before.  My client wanted to replace the carpet with tile and put in a usable whirlpool tub as well as a tiled shower.  She wanted to keep the wallpaper and work the changes to compliment the waterlilies.  On one of my shopping trips to look at possible products for the tilework, I discovered the perfect solution-glass tile.  Not your standard colored paper or paint on the back glass tile, but iridescent tile that was colored glass made from sand-not recycled window glass.  It was perfect.  The showroom where I found it no longer carried it but gave me the information to contact the company.
The tiles are made by GlasTile and each tile is handmade by the couple who owns the business and is fired in kilns in their shop.  They were wonderful to deal with.  Their prices are higher than the machine-made painted-on-the-backside nonsense you find with most glass tile, but aren't that bad given that you have a high quality handmade product.

We chose the lavender and a pale green 2x2 iridescent textured square as accents to the 4x4 frosted pale blue iridescent tiles by Oceanside glass and the sand colored porcelain tiles that we would also be using.

Backsplash and surround for the whirlpool tub

It was in this bathroom that I learned to tile-and with glass none the less.  We chose a sanded thinset for behind the glass as you can see through the tile to the sandy texture underneath.  For a bath where the setting will be water, shells, the beach, and so on, the sand gave the perfect texture.

Don't worry, I won't go into installation details and yet another "how-to" for the day.  Maybe some other time.  My point here is to introduce a company and a line of products that I think very highly of and can't wait to try to use them again.    What I like about them is that the tiles don't have that "clean-lined", modern, contemporary look that is common with most glass tile.  These are unique as are the lines they offer-which I'm excited to say they've added to since the last time I visited.

Completed shower tilework

We have a couple of fireplaces that no longer have surrounds-or hearths for that matter-and I'm dying to play with combining some of the various lines they offer.  Are they period correct for our house?  No.  BUT might the Victorians have used them if they had been readily available (which I don't think they were at the time) along with their stained glass windows and Tiffany lamps?  I'd almost bet on it. 

Shower wall detail with iridescence

Have a look around the site.  They have some pretty stuff!  Check out the gallery where they've been nice enough to showcase pictures of customer installs-this project being on of them.  Not bad for my first tile job.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with one of the lines I'd like to use someday:

(Disclaimer:  This photo is a link from the GlasTile photo gallery.  It is possibly another customer's install.  It is not my work or my photo and is merely for show and tell on this blog.)

Happy shopping!

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