Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beginning of the End-Part II

I started this post more than a week ago then was ambushed by another week-long round of something like migraines, so I didn't get more than 2 lines written.  Meanwhile, progress continued in the dining room.  Donnie wrote about it over here so I'll skip the details on that other than to say, learn to pay attention and always take the time to assure at least some level of safety!   The good news is that nothing seems to be broken except a short buffet that I was going to use in there that now needs reconstructive surgery.

Call me paranoid, but I'd never get on a ladder sitting on sawdust on a slick hardwood floor with all those obstructions around.  Just looking at it is enough to make me apoplectic!  Poor Donnie.  He went to bed at 6:00 with a bruised line across his butt where he landed on leading edge of the little buffet.  That's his sense of humor up in the drawing by the way.  If ya live through it, sometime ya just gotta laugh-even if it hurts. 

Christie's rules of safety:
  1. Keep the work area clean
  2. Keep the walk path clear
  3. Keep obstructions (furniture, tools not in use, lumber, things that will stab through you if you fall on them) in an area that is not in a potential fall zone
  4. Know where your feet and hands are at all times
  5. Don't overreach-get down and move the ladder to where it needs to be
  6. Hold on to something while you're on a ladder
  7. Keep cords neat and out of the way
In short, pay attention and take the time to be safe.  If you can't, please increase your life insurance!

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  1. Christine,

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    take care, work safe and keep in touch