Friday, November 27, 2009

Restoration of a Queen-Introduction

Growing up, working on old houses was just part of life for our family.  Even as children we participated in taking old houses and making them our home.  Eventually, we ended up as a family of 6, so the old houses provided something newer houses did not-lots of rooms.  Most of the time, we each had our own room, even my baby sister. Back then, our job was mostly confined to stripping wallpaper, choosing the new paper for our own room, and pasting the sheets while Mom and Dad hung them.  I'm not sure if it was those experiences that made me into an old house addict or just something in the blood, but I just love an old house, especially one that has seen better days that I can apply the skills I learned by experience and turn it into something lovely.  I understand that I have a savior complex and tend to favor the misfits and maybe this is a manifestation of that tendency, but to take what most people considers an eyesore and turn it into something they respect-or even to change their thinking about old houses and point out the elements that make an old house special is probably one of the things I find most fulfilling.

Over the years, many people have asked for advice on the topic of old homes, restorations, what to look for when considering an old home, etc. and these are the questions that I enjoy answering.  I prefer to use the word observation rather than advice as I'm not a qualified expert on anything except my own experiences and research and I feel that since each situation is different and people's needs and desires differ, observation allows for flexibility of choice and advice feels like I'm telling them what they should do.  I hate it when someone tells me what I should do, but for me, observation and providing options are always welcome. 

Today, I discovered some new friends that have recently purchased their first home, an 1895 Queen Anne, and are ready to get busy making her their beautiful home, so this series-and I hope to have the time and energy to actually make it a series-is to share my thoughts and experiences to help them (and anyone else looking for this type of information) make more informed decisions on their old house journey.

So, congratulations Emily and Tedd on "The Queen!"  You're in for an interesting and rewarding ride!

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