Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing with Pretty Fabrics

Actually, I bought these fabrics to make some pillows and such for a charity gala event.  Well....I didn't get them done in time but finally hemmed the last pillow this afternoon.  They turned out nice and are supposed to be products to sell, but Donnie has his eye on keeping them.  He's SO bad!

I made two tasseled pillows and a square tasseled table topper.  The backs of the pillows (that can be used either side facing out) are made of the same fabric as the table topper so it's all a matching set.  There is-was-a mantle scarf as well, but it had a little incident with the iron on the backside and will need to be slightly altered before it can be finished.  Oh well.  I don't like those faux silk fabrics anyway.  If I remember right, the guy at the fabric store said they were made out of old plastic grocery bags.  Figures.  I'll show it later once I've fixed it.

The pillows are 20" square, lined, with feather/down inserts and the best thing about them is that if you want to actually use them, you can!  Might want to take it easy on the tassels though.

The table topper and the backs of the pillows are a chenille with the pattern woven in.  While the soft side is the one that is meant to be facing out, it can be flipped to the backside which has an equally nice pattern on it with a bit more sheen.

Yeah, we have a bunch of places around here where we could use this particular set.  If they don't sell, they'll be accessorizing our place!


  1. The pillows came out so nice! I'm with Donnie, they belong in your house! You can always start newer ones for next year's events!

  2. Thanks Mary Ruth! Now about Donnie, he hates to give up anything pretty. :) He's already getting pillows for the library, so he might just have to be content with them. I did send some pillow to the gala anyway, just not these. Oh well. Nice to see you here!