Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leaves, Leaves everywhere!

This is totally off the wall, but a tip I thought might be useful to anyone that actually reads here.

Our yard has 8 huge pecan trees-thus the name Pecan Place.  This year we've been "blessed" with a crop of pecans that I actually plan to do something with besides give them away.  In the past, I've always raked the leaves and filled the big trash cans up to take out to the curb to dump.  With the pecans involved, I have to rake gently and the process is ridiculously time consuming.

Last year we bought a push mower with a bagger.  This year I decided that I'd test a theory of raising the wheels on the mower as high as they would go and mulch the leaves.  In theory, the draw of the mower would be strong enough to suck up the leaves but leave the pecans.  It works!  Once I've done the initial mowing, I pick the pecans that I can see then run the mower across the lawn again with the bagger-still in the highest wheel setting.  It sucks up the leaves but not the remaining pecans.  If it weren't for the pecans, I might never have thought of this, so that's why I mention them.

If you run the mulching mower across the lawn once and chop up all the big stuff (this even works when mowing the grass in problem areas too-like bermuda or zoysia for instance) then mow it over again with the bagger, it chops the big stuff into very fine stuff and you don't have to empty the bag nearly as often since more of it fits in the bag.

This morning, the leaf pickup truck removed a pile of leaves from an area we raked over the past few days.  The pile was about 5' high, 8'wide, and 12' or more long.  The area I mowed using the mulcher and the bag had as many leaves as the pile they just picked up.  With the double mulching, I not only have access to the pecans, but the pile at the street would fit in a kitchen trash can and is far less unsightly than that huge pile.  The real bonus is that it took a fraction of the time and didn't cause any physical pain.  Now if everything in life could be so simple!

Just a useful tip I felt like passing on.


  1. I dont have pecans but I'm going to try this versus raking anyway.. thanks for the tip~!

  2. Hi Sonny! It works great instead of raking and the pile is so much smaller when you get done and NO BACKACHE! WooHoo!