Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pretties for Christmas?

When I went to get the fabric to reupholster the chairs out of the closet, I got side-tracked looking at all the pretty fabrics that were stored in there and decided I might just have to play.

I was thinking maybe I'd make some pretty Christmas mantle scarves, maybe a couple of Christmas table cloths for the occasional tables and perhaps a real cool tree skirt (not that we'll likely have a tree mind ya) and perhaps recover a couple of pillows that we aren't using.

Here are some of the beginnings of some of those projects I mentioned that I will make from some of the left over fabrics from other things.  I think this is just the most festive trim!  It looks like little pine cones and cherries hanging from the swags and ribbon.  I just got a snippet of it until I decided how I wanted to use it and how much I would need.  Since Memphis is 2 hours away I have to make a list and make it an all day affair, so I'll need a plan and a list before I go.  

The fabric is leftover from the settee reuphosleter.  Although Johnson's sells it, I took a scrap with me and was playing with it and this trim in the store.  Another customer saw was looking at what I was doing and kind of-almost-started to drool.  I told her what I was planning to do with it and pointed her to where the bolt was hanging in the store.  I wouldn't be surprised if this combination appears in the Christmas decorating at here house this year too!

I think it's so much fun to get other customers and the staff involved when I go out shopping.  It breaks up the monotony for everyone it seems and everyone seems to enjoy it.  Donnie hates shopping with me cause it ain't no quick trip out to the store.

What was I talking about?  Right, pretties!  Here's another couple of fabric combinations  I might look at as well.  The match on the samples above is SO prefect that it's almost TOO prefect and therefore, can be boring.  I'll have to make something out of it anyway.  Here's another combination:

This fabric was left over from when I  had the headboard of the French bed reupholstered about 10 years ago.  Hey!  If a fabric's pretty, no reason not to keep it forever! :)

Eventhough this one doesn't have any green in the fabric itself, I think it's still pretty and isn't such a prefect match as the one above.  If necessary, other bits of green could be added, but I like it as is.

I thought I had another shot of the same trim with a third sample, but I guess not, so I'll just post some non-Christmas pretties for the second parlor mantle.  There are 2 trims that are neat.  I haven't decided which one I (and Donnie, of course) prefer.

Which do you prefer? Left or Right?

I have some leftover pale blue-green-gray velvet from the drapes that I'll make the scarf from.  I might work on it some tonight, but again will need go to Memphis for the trim.

Will show the completed projects a little later!

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  1. I adore the fabric and trim combination in your second picture. It's fabulous!! Can't wait to see the project completed.