Friday, October 16, 2009

Miracles DO happen

Well, it's not a real miracle, but it seems like one.  I finally finished something!...well, kind of.

So, a couple of years ago we picked up a set of furniture at one of the local antique shops.  It had been reupholstered at some point and had foam put into the backs to make large tufts and the seats done in box cushion.  It wasn't a look I really cared for but the furniture was pretty and the design was interesting and the price was right, so we hauled them home.  Here they are in the upstairs bedroom in the fabric that was on them when we bought them. 

They look fine from the front, but my guess would be that they sat in front of a window for a long time as the fabric on the backs and the backs of the seats were threadbare.  So, several months ago I stripped one of the chairs and pulled all the staples and it's been sitting in the "wreck room" ever since. Since it's been raining for weeks which interferes with painting the porch I had some time to work on upholstering it.

I put a couple of coats of tung oil on it first since the wood was real dry especially on the back. 

The one on the left has been oiled.  The one on the right has not.  Makes a big difference doesn't it?  Looks like whoever upholstered it last had to rework the strapping that holds in the cotton batting on the back in place.  Very festive wouldn't you say?

I didn't do a step-by-step process on these but I ditched the fat foam on the back and added more cotton batting.  If there was once webbing for under the seats (which there probably was and possibly even springs) it had been removed and replaced with wood under the seat cushion.  I just left that part alone and trimmed a little off the edges of the foam pad that was on the seats then added some cotton batting so that they were no longer boxy.  It worked out fine.

Here are the two finished-well, ALMOST finished chairs.

There seems to be a shortage of the artichoke French gimp I want to use on them.  I liked this fabric because it looked like an older style fabric and thought it would be pretty in this room since this room is scheduled to be pinks and greens.  Here's a close-up of the fabric:

 I still have to do the settee, but that one will have to wait til I get time again.  Here they are in their room:

Here's a settee that Donnie gave me for Valentine's last year.  I had seen it in the antique shop in Trenton and liked the color of the wood and design although it had a large bleach stain on the seat.

I stripped this one down earlier this year, gave it a couple of coats of tung oil, and reupholstered it as well.  It's a beauty, but the camera flash makes it look almost like a Christmas fabric.  I liked this fabric as it also seemed like an older design.  I'm waiting for the same French gimp to finish this one as well.

 This one is more like the real colors:

Here it is in its room:

For anyone near Memphis, I got both of these fabrics at Johnson's.  They have some of the most delicious trims!  I'll post some of the little projects I'm planning using some of the trims tomorrow.

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