Friday, October 23, 2009

The First Step in a New Direction

As you can see, the last couple of posts have all contained fabrics-whether upholstery or apparel.  The first step to recovery is admitting to the "problem" and my admission is that I'm a fabric freak and third generation at that.

While clearing out my fabric closet for some upcoming projects, I decided to put the little scraps of things to use and make some pillows.  Originally, I bought this fabric to use as the kitchen drapery for winter but because of the bulk of it and the scale of the original window, I scrapped the idea. It makes great pillows though!

This is the first one that is complete.  I've only made 3 pillows in my life, so there is some learning curve.  it turned out well, but will be better next time.  I chose a dainty fringe because of the size of this pillow and I like it very much.  There are some larger ones in matching patterns that I'll be working on soon, so perhaps they'll make a nice set.

One down, twenty-something to go.

This one is reversible.  The back is some kind of velvety material.  They make a good pair.

 That's not a very nice picture of the back.  Maybe I'll take a new one if I get around to it.  It's delicious to touch!

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