Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pecan Place "Event of the Year"

Harlan & Vickie & Gracie
Yesterday, September 5, 2009 at 6:30 P.M. our friends Vickie McConnell and Harlan Reitan tied the knot at the Methodist Church across the street from our house.  We were honored to have the wedding reception over here at our little shack.

This is a neat story, so I'll tell it while we look at pictures!

Like Donnie and I, Vickie met Harlan in cyberspace.  The year Donnie and I were waiting patiently in our horse and carriage at the back of the Teapot Parade on the way to our wedding, Vickie was having her first face-to-face date with Harlan somewhere in line ahead of us.

Vickie was the area's Chamber of Commerce Director at the time and needed a driver for her car in the parade.  When she told Harlan, he volunteered to drive up from Memphis, where he lives, to be her driver for the event and they've been burning up the patch of road between here and Memphis ever since.

I met Vickie later on that summer when she came around to introduce herself after I officially opened my decorating business.  We exchanged stories about the life-changing events that the parade brought about that year and we became friends.  The annual Teapot Parade will always carry significance for both of us.

As a former kindergarten teacher and Chamber of Commerce director, she was able to organize a large function down to the last detail and provide written instruction to her helpers as to what needed to be done and when.

Unbelievably, she managed to do all of this despite the passing of her mother and the acquisition of care for her ailing father which all occurred within weeks of the wedding.  She's an amazing woman.

  I've never seen our lawn looking so pretty!
And some people think I'm Wonder Woman.  No way.  Not next to Vickie!

Every place setting and party favor was handmade and packaged by her with the help of a couple of friends.

On the north side of the house were the dining tent romantically lit with strings of lights and candlelight, the refreshment tent complete with bartender, and a dance floor also romantically lit by string lights in the overhanging branches of the dogwood. 
Towards the back of the north yard was the buffet set-up conveniently located outside the large kitchen window so that food and supplies could be passed through the open window to the servers.  Judy is giving me the evil eye as she sets up for the event.  Yeah Judy, you're in the picture :)

And the food was DELICIOUS!
It was a beautiful wedding, pleasant temperatures, and the first rain we've had in weeks held off until today. We were all so relieved!

Vickie was simply radiant and proof that the most beautiful brides are sometimes grandmas too!

The only picture that came out of the "toast."  Cliff is trying to figure out what wrote for his speech, while Harlan's son and Vickie's son attempt to help.  What I find so amusing about it is that the only picture that came out clearly is the one in which Harlan is handing Cliff a pair of reading glasses which Cliff refuses to admit that he needs!  He said "the lighting was bad!  It was DARK!"  Ha ha.  Maybe so, but in the dark, people who don't need reading glasses pull things closer to their eyes.  They don't try to read them at the waist!  There it is in full color, ladies and gents.  Cliff needs reading glasses! :D

So back on the topic of was a good experience and wasn't traumatic at all-to me at least, but one thing I will say, if the reception is at your house, don't plan on making it to the wedding.  Donnie and I missed the whole thing even though it was right across the street!  I'm hoping someone's got some good pictures!!!

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