Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Mini Mini-Deck

Wait! I thought we were supposed to be done with this project by now! I guess my idea of "temporary" was different than Donnie's.

We have an outdoor wedding reception here in a week. I was thinking maybe to just attach the old handrails so that people wouldn't fall off-at least til after the wedding. Donnie clearly had an opposing idea which in fact is a much nicer, more proportional area with wider stairs and the like which I definitely approve of. It's smaller, but as I said, we aren't deck people, so if it will fit 2 chairs and the grill, it's fine by us.

My question is will he get it done before the reception next Saturday?

Donnie has 11 iron panels that he's been hauling around for several years that he'd like to use as part of the railing. The back door is also some kind of black metal security door, so it might provide some continuity. Personally, I'd like to ditch the storm door-which is the only door to the back opf the house-and put a nice wooden door on the porch. BUT, given that the porch was enclosed with big glass doors turned sideways. I guess a wood door in the middle of that probably wouldn't improve the appearance of any of it. I'm sure the previous owners loved the back porch and deck, but I think it's an eyesore.

Anyway...back to the deck. Given that we are about 5 iron panels short of being able to go all the way around the deck, we're playing with some options so that they can be spaced farther apart. It's a thought. We'll see what it might look like in real life in a day or two-I hope!

At the moment, Donnie's working on building wider stairs on the side nearest the driveway. There will also be a wide set of stairs that face the back yard. As much as we'd love to have just one set of stairs-the ones facing the back yard-we need a set that we can back the truck up to for the purposes of unloading. There are apple and pear trees in the side yard, so we'll have to keep the stairs closest to the driveway. Sigh.

Then there's the question I've been wanting to know for more than 3 years... :)

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