Friday, August 7, 2009

Have You Visited the Library Lately?

A couple of years ago, my friend Tammy sent me a link to the online library for our state. We're both kind of addicted to books and I had borrowed a couple of her audio books, so when she discovered that there were audio books online at the library she sent me the link. Finally, I can "read" when I'm doing housework, driving, mowing the grass, painting, etc! It's fantastic!

Ever since I became a homeowner (and all of my houses needed work of some kind) I haven't had time to just sit and read. When I read, I'm obsessive about it and won't put the book down until I'm finished, so I hadn't read anything in years. I've loved to read since I was a kid and I really missed not being able to do it. While I'm working on things around the house, my mind was always busy pondering things-the state of the town, how to bring jobs and tourism in, how to save the old houses, how to reverse the negative trend that's going on in our country right now, where to find a job in my field when there aren't any out there-you know, things that I have little or no control of. I generally consider these ponderings stressful and non-productive. While these thoughts often help me understand why things are how they are, it doesn't give me much peace.

That's where the books come in. I get to listen to stories I wouldn't have time to read and while I'm listening, my mind is engaged in following the story and NOT engaged in plans to save the world and not bored with the sometimes mind-numbing work that needs to be done around here. While I'm being productive, I'm also learning details of other places, professions, diseases, foods, etc.

There are people who think I'm pretty smart. To them I say, I read a lot and ask a lot of questions. :)

Check your library. You can check them out and download them free onto your PC, or MP3 device. When Donnie and I drive to Nashville, I always download a couple onto my MP3 player and plug it onto the car system and we listen to it the whole way there and back. Makes for a short and more interesting ride and when we get there, we hate to get out of the car! :)

Here's some of the books I've read in the last 2 years. There are more, but I forgot to put them on my list for several months after my laptop crashed. Most of them were good and probably less than a half dozen weren't worth the effort. Not bad overall. They're mostly detective stories. My favorite is the Pendergast series after that there are several ties for second.

Author Title Series
Aaron Elkins Turncoat
Agatha Christie The Secret of Chimneys Battle, 1
Agatha Christie Seven Dials Mystery Battle, 2
Agatha Christie Death in the Clouds Poirot
Agatha Christie Mysterious Affair at Styles Poirot, 1
Agatha Christie Hickory Dickory Dock Poirot, 36
Agatha Christie The Big Four Poirot, 5
Agatha Christie Mystery of the Blue Train Poirot, 6
Agatha Christie Peril at End House Poirot, 8
Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express Poirot, 9
Agatha Christie The Body in the Library Marple, 3
Agatha Christie A Murder is Announced Marple, 5
Agatha Christie A Pocket Full of Rye Marple, 7
Agatha Christie 4:50 from Paddingotn Marple, 8
Agatha Christie And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie They Came to Baghdad
Amanda Quick The Paid Companion
Anne Perry A Christmas Beginning Monk
Anne Perry A Christmas Visitor Monk
Anne Perry Funeral in Blue Monk, 12
Anne Perry Death of a Stranger Monk, 13
Anne Perry The Shifting Tide Monk, 14
Anne Perry Dark Assassin Monk, 15
Anne Perry A Christmas Guest Pitt
Anne Perry A Christmas Journey Pitt
Anne Perry Execution Dock Pitt, 16
Anne Perry Bedford Square Pitt, 19
Anne Perry Southhampton Row Pitt, 22
Anne Perry Seven Dials Pitt, 23
Anne Perry Long Spoon Lane Pitt, 24
Anne Perry Buckingham Palace Gardens Pitt, 25
Anne Perry No Graves As Yet WWI, 1
Anne Perry Shoulder the Sky WWI, 2
Anne Perry Angels in the Gloom WWI, 3
Anne Perry At Some Disputed Barricade WWI, 4
Anne Perry We Shall Not Sleep WWI, 5
Anne Perry A Christmas Secret
Brad Meltzer The Book of Fate
Brad Meltzer The Book of Lies
Brad Meltzer The Millionaires
Bruce Alexander Rules of Engagement
C.J.Box Blue Heaven
Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code
Daniel Hecht City of Masks Cree Black, 1
Daniel Hecht Land of Echoes Cree Black, 2
Daniel Hecht Bones of the Barbary Coast Cree Black, 3
Daniel Hecht Puppets Mo Ford, 1
Daniel Hecht Skull Session Mo Ford, 2
Daniel Silva The English Assassin Gabriel Allon, 2
Daniel Silva The Confessor Gabriel Allon, 3
Daniel Silva A Death in Vienna Gabriel Allon, 4
Daniel Silva Prince of Fire Gabriel Allon, 5
Daniel Silva The Messenger Gabriel Allon, 6
Daniel Silva The Secret Servant Gabriel Allon, 7
Daniel Silva Moscow Rules Gabriel Allon, 8
Daniel Silva The Unlikely Spy
David Lindsey The Face of the Assassin
Dean Koontz Prodigal Son Frankenstein, 1
Dean Koontz City of Night Frankenstein, 2
Dean Koontz Fear Nothing Moonlight Bay, 1
Dean Koontz Seize the Night Moonlight Bay, 2
Dean Koontz Odd Thomas Odd Thomas, 1
Dean Koontz Brother Odd Odd Thomas, 3
Dean Koontz By the Light of the Moon
Dean Koontz From the Corner of His Eye
Dean Koontz Intensity
Dean Koontz Midnight
Dean Koontz One Door Away From Heaven
Dean Koontz The Darkest Evening of the Year
Dean Koontz The Good Guy
Dean Koontz The House of Thunder
Dean Koontz Ticktock
Dean Koontz Velocity
Dean Koontz Winter Moon
Deborah Crombie A Share In Death Kincaid/James, 1
Deborah Crombie In a Dark House Kincaid/James, 10
Deborah Crombie All Shall Be Well Kincaid/James, 2
Deborah Crombie Leave the Grave Green Kincaid/James, 3
Deborah Crombie Mourn Not Your Dead Kincaid/James, 4
Deborah Crombie And Justice There is None Kincaid/James, 8
Deborah Crombie Now May You Weep Kincaid/James, 9
Donna Leon Blood From a Stone Guido Brunetti
Donna Leon Doctored Evidence Guido Brunetti
Donna Leon Suffer the Little Children Guido Brunetti
Donna Leon Through a Glass, Darkly Guido Brunetti
Douglas Preston Blasphemy
Douglas Preston Mount Dragon
Douglas Preston Tyrannosaur Canyon
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Relic Pendergast 1
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Reliquary Pendergast 2
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Still Life With Crows Pendergast 3
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child The Cabinet of Curiosities Pendergast 4
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Brimstone Pendergast 5
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Dance of Death Pendergast 6
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Book Of the Dead Pendergast 7
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child The Wheel Of Darkness Pendergast 8
Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Cemetery Dance Pendergast 9
Elizabeth George With No One As Witness Lynley, 12
Elizabeth George Careless In Red Lynley, 14
Erik Larson The Devil in the White City
Faye Kellerman The Burnt House Decker/Lazarus, 16
James Ellroy The Black Dahlia
James Patterson Jack & Jill Alex Cross
James Patterson Mary, Mary Alex Cross
James Patterson Pop Goes the Weasel Alex Cross
James Patterson Violets Are Blue Alex Cross
James Patterson Along Came a Spider Alex Cross, 1
James Patterson London Bridges Alex Cross, 10
James Patterson Cross Alex Cross, 12
James Patterson Double Cross Alex Cross, 13
James Patterson Kiss the Girls Alex Cross, 2
James Patterson Cat & Mouse Alex Cross, 4
James Patterson Roses Are Red Alex Cross, 6
James Patterson Four Blind Mice Alex Cross, 8
James Patterson The Big Bad Wolf Alex Cross, 9
James Patterson Step on a Crack Bennett, 1
James Patterson Run for Your Life Bennett, 2
James Patterson 1st to Die Women's Murder Club, 1
James Patterson 2nd Chance Women's Murder Club, 2
James Patterson 3rd Degree Women's Murder Club, 3
James Patterson 4th of July Women's Murder Club, 4
James Patterson 5th Horseman Women's Murder Club, 5
James Patterson 6th Target Women's Murder Club, 6
James Patterson 7th Heaven Women's Murder Club, 7
James Patterson Honeymoon
James Patterson Judge & Jury
James Patterson Lifeguard
James Patterson The Jester
James Patterson The Quickie
James Patterson The Thomas Berryman Number
James Patterson When the Wind Blows
James Patterson You've Been Warned
Jane Austen Persuasion
Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice
John Grisham A Painted House
John Grisham The Appeal
John Grisham The Associate
John Grisham The Broker
John Grisham The Client
John Grisham The Firm
John Grisham The Last Juror
John Grisham The Runaway Jury
John Grisham The Summons
John Grisham The Testiment
Jonathan Kellerman A Cold Heart
Lincoln Child Death Match
Lincoln Child Deep Storm
Margaret Truman Murder at Ford's Theatre Capital Crimes, 19
Margaret Truman Murder at Union Station Capital Crimes, 20
Margaret Truman Murder at Washington Tribune Capital Crimes, 21
Margaret Truman Murder at the Opera Capital Crimes, 22
Margaret Truman Murder on K Street Capital Crimes, 23
Margaret Truman Murder Inside the Beltway Capital Crimes, 24
Margaret Truman Murder in Foggy Bottom
Michael Connelly City of Bones Bosch
Michael Connelly The Overlook Bosch
Michael Connelly The Poet Bosch
Michael Connelly The Black Echo Bosch, 1
Michael Connelly The Narrows Bosch, 10
Michael Connelly The Closers Bosch, 11
Michael Connelly Echo Park Bosch, 12
Michael Connelly The Black Ice Bosch, 2
Michael Connelly The Concrete Blonde Bosch, 3
Michael Connelly The Last Coyote Bosch, 4
Michael Connelly Trunk Music Bosch, 5
Michael Connelly Angels Flight Bosch, 6
Michael Connelly A Darkness More Than Night Bosch, 7
Michael Connelly Lost Light Bosch, 9
Michael Connelly Blood Work
Michael Connelly Crime Beat
Michael Connelly The Lincoln Lawyer
Michael Harvey The Chicago Way
Michael McGarrity The Big Gamble
Michael Palmer Fatal
Michael Palmer The Fifth Vial
Michael Palmer The First Patient
Michael Palmer The Patient
Michael Palmer The Society
Nevada Barr Hunting Season
P.D. James Death in Holy Orders Dalgliesh, 11
P.D. James The Murder Room Dalgliesh, 12
P.D. James The Lighthouse Dalgliesh, 13
P.D. James The Black Tower Dalgliesh, 5
Phillip Margolin Gone, But Not Forgotten
Phillip Margolin Proof Positive
Phillip Margolin Wild Justice
Raymond Chandler The Little Sister
Robert Andrews A Murder of Promise
Stephen Coontz The Assassin Carmellini, 3
Stephen King Black House Talisman, 2
Stephen King Delores Claiborne
Stephen King Secret Window, Secret Garden
Stephen White Blinded Alan Gregory, 12
Stephen White Dry Ice Alan Gregory, 15
Stuart Woods Beverly Hills Dead


  1. Interesting post and some interesting reads!! I've read a few of the ones you've listed. I'm with you on actually sitting down and reading. If I do that, I will NOT put the book down until I finish it. It's my curious nature that won't allow me to put the book down.

    I love books by David Baldacci. His books are very intriguing and really keep you interested.

  2. I'll have to check him out when I'm done with the ones I have checked out.

    It's the smell and the feel of the pages that I miss the most!