Thursday, July 23, 2009

The "Project" of the Day

This is the part of the house that no one really gets to see. That thing on the left was a green house in its former life. In this life, it's our on-site landfill. There's a large dug out area in the middle that fills up with a couple feet of groundwater when it rains hard for several days. Can we say "mosquito wonderland?" Eww. So we've been filling it in with the plaster from a couple of unsalvagable walls and the bricks, and concrete we find buried in the yard. Progress on that is slow.

The area on the right is the "shed" as in "I'd like to shed the property of that mess ASAP!" And those have been my thoughts for 3 years. Unfortunately, due to some other storage constraints that I won't get into at the moment, We've needed to use this "shed" to store the lawn equipment, yard tools, old house parts that we will try to restore or duplicate later along with a variety of other "things"-most of which should have gone out to the street years ago, or at least sometime before the termites, and wood destroying ants started running a food wholesale joint out of the place.

So, I've been waiting for the moment when this thing could come down and I decided today was the day. Or at least it would be the beginning of the end.

So, out came the pretty red ladies, all lined up in a row. There are 3 generations of mowers there and yep, they all work fine. They all have their own purpose though. One has a bagger, one has been mowing brush and small trees with me for 15 years, and one cuts real close to the ground and was Donnie's grandmother's when she was around. Nothing like a sentimental mower collection eh? :)

After hours and hours of clearing out and sorting the contents of the "shed" I finally had 2 piles. the pile on the left is the stuff to possibly keep which was mostly the original parts that we had removed from the house to restore and some parts that can be used immediately for the continuation of Donnie's bathroom project. The rest was rotted, pest eaten junk which was just fine with me since now we wouldn't have to find a place to store it.

With that done, I went in for a sitdown with a cup of coffee and discovered it was only noon! What the ???? I've GOT to start sleeping in longer!

Well ok, I guess it's on to the next thing. So I tore off the plastic, cracking, corregated roof that was attached to the part of the shop we plan to keep-at least for now and removed all the roof supports for that section. Now, have a good look at this picture and see if you can see the architectural brilliance that went into this thing.

At that, I called it a day and just in time too since Donnie was finally home and I was starving, so off to the Mexican place we went.

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