Friday, July 31, 2009


I just can't wrap my mind around anything interesting to do, so I guess I'll have to work what's on my "list" for the day-sanding wood filler on little pieces of trim, sealing the backs, priming the fronts, caulking part of the porch siding, and maybe painting something if I'm lucky. Of course all of this needs to be very dry first and since it rained like the dickens last night, some of it will have to wait, but I could still be sanding those little trim pieces since the wood filler is dry...I guess.

BUT, I'll show some current interior pics of some of the place instead.

This is the second parlor. We just finished rehabbing it in April just before the Teapot Tour. It took 6 months to get it all in order, but I think it will hold up for a while now. I'll do some "How It Was Done" segments later (not only to share, but to so that I can remember what we did so we can do it again-or not as the case may be.) but for now, we'll just look at pictures. :)

Second Parlor-this one is my parlor. It isn't historically correct in its furnishings, but I don't think it necessarily has to be. I think it turned out well.

From the Front Parlor

From the Stair Hall

From the Downstairs Master

This is the Front Parlor which is Donnie's parlor. We haven't worked on this room yet, but it's still a nice room anyway. This parlor will be done in period Eastlake furniture which we have plenty of. We don't have any definite plan in mind for it at the moment only that it will probably be the most historically appropriate room in the house.

From the Foyer

Here's some detail of the rug from the Harwood House, cleaned up and in place. It fits this room and the mood of this room, perfectly. (Don't mind the compressor hose in the corner. Doesn't every one keep a compressor in their parlor??? :) )

Now, I'm off to sand something. Ugh.

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