Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh No! Not ANOTHER one!

So, a couple of weeks ago a lady I had never met before came up to the back door and ask if I wanted to take a litter of 4 kittens. 4 mind you! Given that we had just acquired Callie, I was like, uh, NO, but told her I'd check with some friends.

So I was thinking about them yesterday and since they hadn't been back to see if the friends were interested, I figured they had found homes for them. Well, low and behold, a guy pulls up to the front fence and informs me that I had talked to his wife a few weeks ago about the kittens and asked if I would like a white calico. My thought was still, uh, NO, but after weighing out Donnie's possible reactions and deciding that if you already have a dozen, what's one more, I agreed to take her.

He brought her by a little while ago and dropped her off. He said she was 6 weeks old and that her name was Molly. Well Callie is probably about 10 weeks old and looks like a midget compared to this kitten. After some investigation, I discovered that Molly isn't a she. :) Go figure. At least that explains some of the size difference. So, I believe he's going to be Duncan and by the size of his paws he's going to be as big as a German shepherd. He has a very sweet personality, so once he and Callie get over their "issues" I think they'll have a blast of a time tearing through everything in the house and that we'll probably have to follow behind them with a roll of duct tape.

But really, how can one resist?

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