Friday, July 17, 2009

Completed mini-project: Downstairs Master Bath

This was the downstairs master bath when we bought the place. It was an eye-popper for sure, but not something we found pleasing.

After 3 years of living with this color and I might add the cracks where drafts were coming in, I'd had enough of that. We usually close this door when we have guests because it was just too embarrassing.

I discovered that some left over paints that I had on hand were a pretty color so I decided to slap some on. Turns out that the mixed color was a dead ringer for Benjamin Moore's Prescott Green which I happened to have a half gallon of in the shop.

So, Prescott Green it is. For the top, we decided Benjamin Moore's Oatmeal would work out fine. So, an afternoon's project turned into a 4 day event, but the result was worth it.

Later on, this room will get a gut job since there are suspicious things going on with the floor. No one is going to fall through, but there has definitely been water leakage at some point. It doesn't seem to be a problem now, but the vinyl flooring is all stained and nasty around the WC, shower, and tub. Since the room will be gutted, I think I'll take advantage of the opportunity to change the layout. I think the use of space could be better. Here's the current layout:

The new configuration I'm pondering includes moving the clawfoot tub to the upstairs master bath, enlarging the shower in the downstairs bath, creating a closet under the stairs where the WC now resides, removing a small wall, and creating a large storage closet on the backside of the shower that will allow for storage of vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, etc in part and shelves in the other part. This closet would be accessible from what is presently an enclosed porch which will later become the hall for the kitchen, dining, and laundry rooms. I haven't really given too much though to the placement of the sink, WC, and linen closet at this point since this project is probably years down the road.

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