Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Introduction to Pecan Place

At the time, I was living in Nashville and working on my little bungalow project that I had bought 2 years earlier. Donnie posted this house on HGTV's General Decorating message board where we both hung out and shared our projects with other people of similar interest. That is actually where I "met" Donnie-on a message board of all things!

Anyway, there was a house close to where he lived that he had always admired so he decided to share pictures of it and a few other properties of interest to those of us on "the board." There was much interest (cause we're a nosy bunch) to see what the inside looked like, so Donnie agreed to get some pictures of the interior for us.

Since Nashville was only about 2 1/2 hours away, I thought I might like to take a break and go look at the place with him. I'd never seen a house that cool up close and especially not for the price they were asking. So I took a break and drove out there and we gave the place a thorough once or twice over.

This is what we saw:

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