Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Think I'm Going To Cry!

I visited the neighbors behind us-you know, the ones who just lost their privacy? They said they had been talking about fencing in their whole back yard to keep out the cats, dogs, kids, and so on. They had a guy come to survey their lot to find out where their line was so that there were no legality issues when they sell their house someday (which may be soon if they really put in the rumored apartment complex on the empty lot directly across the from them.) Can't blame 'em.

Knowing what we all know about the previous owner and his attitude toward things, it came as no surprise that part of our "fence from hell" weaves and wiggles in and out of their lot and that the "shop" sits right at the edge of the property line.

So, they'll be paying for their fence since it will be completely on their side of the line, but we have to agree to remove ours. OH! BREAK MY HEART!!!!! My question is....when can we start???

It's a special order fence that will take about 2 weeks to come in and man I can't wait for the day!

It's amazing that while normal people are adding to their property to improve them, what excites us the most are the things we're able to take away! : )

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