Friday, July 31, 2009


I got my boards sanded and primered then Donnie came home from work. Since the work we do usually conflicts with each other, I can't move on to the painting since he will be sanding. We use oil on everything outside and with the lengthy dry-time, the fresh paint will be full of sanding dust, so now it's his shift to work on the porch. That's ok though cause I can always find other things to do which at the moment is goof off for a minute or two.

So, here's the hallway. I had a medium green paper that I wanted to use in the hall of my old house before I moved and am considering using it in the hall here. The hall project is a long way off so as a temporary measure, I painted the current wallpaper in an approximate color that would emulate the overall color of the future wallpaper. I wasn't sure Donnie would be comfortable with it so dark, so I figured now would be a better time to find out than at the end of the project! Besides, the whole hall was white walls and white walls are like camera flash-they don't enhance character. I think the green is beautiful, so here it is:

From the Second Parlor

From the Back Hall

From the Foyer

From the Second Parlor

From the Foyer

It was a dark and stormy night....
...and Donnie swears the guy on the landing was watching him. :)

Up the stairs from the first floor

From the upstairs landing

From the upstairs front bedroom to the back hall

From the upstairs back hall to the front of the house

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