Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Introduction to Pecan Place

At the time, I was living in Nashville and working on my little bungalow project that I had bought 2 years earlier. Donnie posted this house on HGTV's General Decorating message board where we both hung out and shared our projects with other people of similar interest. That is actually where I "met" Donnie-on a message board of all things!

Anyway, there was a house close to where he lived that he had always admired so he decided to share pictures of it and a few other properties of interest to those of us on "the board." There was much interest (cause we're a nosy bunch) to see what the inside looked like, so Donnie agreed to get some pictures of the interior for us.

Since Nashville was only about 2 1/2 hours away, I thought I might like to take a break and go look at the place with him. I'd never seen a house that cool up close and especially not for the price they were asking. So I took a break and drove out there and we gave the place a thorough once or twice over.

This is what we saw:

Introduction to Pecan Place

Now for a few shots of what awaited inside.


Stair Hall with original shutters and stained glass

Descending the main stairs

Turned cherry spandrel

Looking from Front Parlor into Second Parlor

Front Parlor Fireplace

Second Parlor with original shutters

Second Parlor Fireplace

Downstairs Master Bedroom

Downstairs Master Fireplace

Downstairs Master Bath

Library which was originally used for the Elder family dining room.

The current dining room

The kitchen

Oh, and let's not forget the half bath under the main stairs.

Then there was the back porch which has been enclosed and is heated and cooled.

With back stairs-I always thought back stairs were so cool!

And a laundry room/pantry off the kitchen

Introduction to Pecan Place

So, that was the downstairs tour. Now for the upstairs....

Hall with door to balcony, stained glass and original shutters

Hall going toward the front stairs

Front Bedroom

Front bedroom fireplace

Upstairs master bedroom

Upstairs master bath which used to be a bedroom possibly a nursery originally.

Mr. Henry's room

Upstairs bath

Upstairs Laundry and storage

Upstairs back porch

Bedroom 6

Introduction to Pecan Place

I wasn't really impressed with the inside other than the fab floors, mouldings, hardware and the rooms and layouts. It was reasonably clean, but the 25 yr old renovation didn't impress me at all as it was apparent most of it was lipstick on a pig. The house could be fabulous, but it would be a long time in the making.

Here are a few more shots of the property. Can anyone say hell-hole???I definitely wasn't enthralled by the nightmare waiting in the yard and that thing called the shop that went on building after connected building all of which was built by someone else's junk they were throwing away.

It was an interesting trip and I got to meet Donnie's family and we had a good time. Wasn't considering buying it at the time so I made the treck back home to work on the coffered ceiling I was installing in the dining room of the bungalow.

If you want to see more of the Day 1 pics, etc. follow the link: Photobucket pics